HR Progression Partner Core Values


Every interaction and service we have is with utmost integrity including trust, honesty, privacy/confidentiality, respect, equality, compliance, authenticity and accuracy.


Our goal is to be an extension of our clients’ teams through collaboration, listening, sharing of expertise and resources, commitment, flexibility, and understanding of their situation, culture and industry. Our success is based on our clients’ success. We also partner with various expert contractors in building each other’s business.


We are here for our clients by offering excellence, support, variety in services, team work, success, simplicity, passion, productivity, results, helpfulness, expertise, fast paced action and tact.


We empower our clients to improve and maintain their businesses through our service, support, teaching, resourcefulness and enthusiasm for reaching their potential with talent and operations. Our contractors are empowered through autonomy and efficient resources.


By supporting businesses, we are improving our local and national community in many ways. We give back to our contractors who are working professional women empowered to build their own business as well. Social responsibility is important and is represented through environmentally conscious efforts. 1% of gross profit will be donated to the Women’s Bean Project further supporting and empowering women in need.