The Basics of a Stellar Job Description

For any business, large or small, the hiring process is extremely important because it brings in a new employee whose day-to-day tasks will have a long-term impact on your business.

While sorting through resumes, reading cover letters, conducting interviews, and contacting references are all significant pieces of the hiring process, there’s an even more important step that often gets overlooked—writing the job description.

A well-written job description will attract more relevant and qualified candidates, therefore reducing the amount of applications you’ll have to slush through and ultimately saving you time and money.

Something else to consider is that writing a poor job description can lead to a higher turn-over rate. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you don’t set proper expectations, a new employee might find him or herself disgruntled, unsatisfied, or under qualified. In a well-written job description, you should thus include information about your ideal candidate, your business’s work environment, and specifics about what the employee will do on a day-to-day basis.

The following are 10 details we recommend including in a job description:

1. Job Title
2. Purpose of the Job
3. Detailed Description—responsibilities and tasks
4. Job Qualifications—experience, education, etc.
5. Job Location
6. Hours Required—full time or part time
7. Ideal Candidate Specifics
8. Work Environment
9. Salary Range and Benefits
10. About Your Business/Company

If writing a job description seems like a daunting task, PEOs, like HR Progression Partner, can help. We take your basic information—Job Title, Purpose, etc.—and create a detailed job description guaranteed to attract top talent. Contact HR Progression Partner or check out our Recruitment Services to learn more.

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