The Place for Social Media in Hiring Strategies

Finding qualified and reliable employees is a challenging task. Traditionally, employers have only had a resume, an interview, and a couple of references as part of their hiring strategy. The problem was they didn’t know who these potential employees were as people, what their personality traits might be. These are important aspects when choosing an employee, especially someone who will run a part of your business or with whom you’ll be spending a large portion of your day.

Today, however, there’s a new component to the hiring strategy that’s changing all of this—social media.

Social media has taken the world by storm, making it hard to imagine that Facebook made its debut in only 2004 and Twitter in 2006. In just over a decade, nearly every individual under the age of thirty has created a presence in one or both of these markets. And thanks to these social trends, employers can now get a glimpse into what potential employees are like outside of the job seeking environment.

But, is it right?

Think about this. Most potential employees are learning about you on social media, so why not use Facebook or Twitter to learn about them? For the recently graduated set, it’s practically expected. Remember, it’s the world they live in, and it’s time for employers to enter it, too.

According to CareerBuilder’s 2016 annual social media recruitment survey, 60 percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates, up significantly from 52 percent in 2015, 22 percent in 2008, and 11 percent in 2006, when the survey was first conducted. Additionally, 59 percent of hiring managers use search engines to research candidates—compared to 51 percent in 2015.

To say it’s okay to do research potential employees on social media is an understatement. In today’s job market, it’s a necessity.

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By the Way, What is a PEO?

When you realize you’re spending too much time searching for new employees, filing HR paperwork, or managing your company’s wellness program, you might decide it’s time to find more help. But rather than hiring a full-time staff member (and taking the time to hire that employee), you might consider hiring a PEO.

By the way, what is a PEO?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. We’re the people who provide comprehensive HR outsourcing to help manage your company’s human resources, employee recruitment, wellness program tasks, and more. No, we’re not another employee you have to manage, but a contractor who shares certain employer responsibilities with your company.

A PEO handles anything from employee benefits and tax remittance, to finding the best candidates, creating wellness programs, and managing retirement plans. Imagine outsourcing an HR staff to handle all the work you no longer have time to do. That’s a PEO, and wouldn’t that be awesome!

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Why hire a PEO?

It’s easy to overlook key revenue-generating opportunities when you’re bogged down by your HR to-do list. Free up your time for more productive tasks by hiring a PEO. According to the Professional Employer Organization, companies that use PEOs for at least four quarters are approximately 50% less likely to go out of business, while also experiencing a 23% to 32% lower rate of employee turnover.

PEOs are a good fit for almost any industry, and they are there to help. With knowledgeable team members who understand and keep abreast on ever-changing state and federal laws, PEOs are becoming the go-to solution for today’s businesses.

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