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HR Support for the Organic and Wellness Industries

When health and the environment are at the forefront of so many minds, it’s not surprising that the organic industry continues to break growth records year after year or that wellness is considered the next trillion-dollar industry.

With organic regulations constantly changing and wellness being multi-dimensional, holistic, and heavily influenced by the community and environment, the amount of HR paperwork associated with these types of companies can feel overwhelming.

Take a deep breath because HR Progression Partner is here to help. Our experts keep abreast on the many shifting parameters associated with the organic and wellness industries to provide you with the best HR support around.

Organics, health, and wellness—the “new black”—are status symbols among consumers who prioritize well-balanced and mental health. Give your employees the opportunity to achieve this balance by teaming up with HR Progression Partner. By handing your human resource needs over to us, you can focus on growing your company and keeping your employees happy, healthy, and productive.

Our HR staff works directly with wellness specialist, Katherine Sumner, the co-founder of Nourish Schools and co-creator of the Super Food Cards; a comprehensive guide to choosing, prepping, and cooking healthy foods.

Fascinated by holistic health and the life-changing benefits of eating whole foods, Katherine received a dual certification in holistic health counseling and nutrition from New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, then affiliated with Columbia University

For over 10 years, Katherine has shared her passion for a well-balanced life and a well-prepped kitchen through her group classes, national talks, radio interviews, articles, and individual counseling.

As a bonus, HR Progression Partner also offers career and life coaching for employees who are in a new role, working towards a promotion, or needing extra confidence to reach their full potential.
Career coaching is a great solution to get your employees in the driving seat so they can build personal and organizational success. HR Progression Partner Founder, Emily Marquis, works with individuals to help them remove the barriers to professional success. As a result, they become more effective communicators and leaders with a greater sense of self-confidence and purpose.

Emily earned her Life Coaching certification through the internationally recognized program Circle of Life as well as the NAHU Wellness Certification for corporate employee wellness programs in 2011.

Partner with Katherine, Emily, and our experienced HR staff and receive:

If you run or are part of an organic or wellness business and need HR support, contact HR Progression Partner to learn how we can help.
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