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People who work in the outdoor industry tend to place a high value on quality of life.

They’re climbers, skiers, bikers, boaters, and more, and they need their time to play. But with that play, can come injury. So, they need great health insurance, too. With most of your time spent on marketing your service or product, managing employees, and improving your business, putting together an employee benefits package for your sports-minded team might seem like a totally daunting task.

That’s where HR Progression Partner comes in.

Team up with HR Progression Partner and we’ll create a stellar employee benefits package and wellness program that satisfies even the most devoted outdoor enthusiast. And, we won’t stop there. HR Progression Partner can find that perfect employee, manage tedious HR paperwork, and offer unemployment support, too.

Our HR specialists have extensive knowledge of the outdoor industry. Emily Marquis, Founder of HR Progression Partner, even owns a Colorado-based rafting company and worked in Human Resources at the Burton Snowboards headquarters and at a major ski resort. Talk about first-hand knowledge!

Team up with HR Progression Partner and receive:

If you run or are part of an outdoor industry business and need HR support, contact HR Progression Partner to learn how we can help.

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