“Progression Partner was a key factor in the successful growth of our business over the past two years. ELCCO was awarded a large amount of work in a short period of time and we needed to recruit and hire 30+ employees in less than six months. Without Progression Partner, we would not have been able to hire the high caliber employees that we brought on board and we would have struggled to get the work done on time. Our company is now in an excellent position to take new work and Progression Partner is to thank for it.”
– Jack Holbrook, VP of finance, ELCCO Inc.
“Emily Marquis, Progression Partner, is a highly capable and talented resource for recruiting.  I have had the pleasure of working with her and her team for the past year to fill some very difficult positions.  Emily’s team has had great success in recruiting top talent in many areas of our business including sales, technical/engineering, administrative, finance, accounting and support. Emily’s relentless pursuit of top talent, attention to detail, creative sourcing, communication skills, and initiative has resulted in over 40 new hires in the past 12 months. I recommend Emily to anyone that is looking for a valuable HR and recruiting asset.  I give Progression Partner five stars!” 
-Kolleen Cherry, Director, Human Resources, Computer Aided Technology.

Hourly Rate

Depending on your specific solutions and projects we charge a valuable performance based hourly or monthly fee.

For Recruitment/Talent Sourcing/Talent Acquisition, we offer a low hourly rate versus a high percentage of annual salary, therefore require a retained agreement with our dedicated service so candidate attraction is not hindered by competing recruiters.

All employer services are included in this rate. For some services a deposit may be required prior to starting the work.

Discount Service Packages

We can customize a package for you based on the number of hours you need on an on-going or project basis. All services may be included within these hours. For retained packages, companies receive 10% off their monthly costs. We customize packages to meet your needs and timeframes. Contact us to build your package now!

Some recruitment costs such as job postings may be required to be paid by the employers.

Candidate Rates

Flat Rate: Based on service needs, may pay an hourly rate or flat rate.
Package of all candidate services can be customized. All services must be paid in advance.