Providing employment is the best form of social service, as it serves you, others, your country, your world – the entire society.

― Amit Kalantri

Progression with People

If you’re looking for that hard-to-find, highly sought after employee, HR Progression Partner can help. With over thirty years of combined experience in human resources, our proven methods will connect you with top talent that can transform your business.

Our experts take the time to get to know your business, ultimately becoming an extension of it and making us well qualified to find the employee that’s right for you. Once we identify, interview, and screen candidates, you’ll be presented with only the best-of-the-best.

Unlike other HR recruitment services that charge a percentage of an annual salary, we charge an hourly rate, which means more savings for you and your business.

We believe that an organization is only as strong as the people within it, and we want to partner with you to source new talent and support your company’s growth.

Some of our industries of expertise include, but are not limited to, outdoor, hospitality, organics, health, engineering, electrical, and software.

Our Employee Recruitment Services Include:

  • Job Description creation/revision 

    Job descriptions are the backbone of your recruiting strategy. While they explain what’s expected of employees, they also serve as a marketing tool to attract the best candidates. Don’t fail to give your job description the thought it deserves. If your job description isn’t up to par, you risk missing out on top employees.Partner with HR Progression Partner and we’ll create or revise your current job descriptions. Our highly-qualified staff members go beyond a job description’s minimum requirements and vague language that prohibit candidates from properly assessing themselves. Our writers make your job description shine by using comprehensive, modern phrases that are in touch with today’s most valuable workers and will clearly define what employees should expect from you and what you will expect from them.

  • Job Ad creation/revision 

    Don’t confuse a job ad (or posting) with a job description. While job descriptions detail responsibilities and expectations, job ads are meant to sell applicants on your company, team, location, and all the reasons working for you is awesome.HR Progression Partner can help you write or revise job ads that draw the attention of top-quality employees. We make ads easy to read, present a professional, consistent, and compelling message, use formatting that makes the ad attractive and reader-friendly, and avoid jargon or abbreviation that may not be understood by a wider audience. Additionally, with online job sites and social media making it possible for job-seekers to search with keywords, we use SEO strategies to ensure your ad is seen by as many job-seekers as possible.

  • Job Ad placement strategy & execution 

    In the past, most job seekers relied on want ads, placement services, applications, and bulk copies of their resume to yield job leads. For a while, traditional strategies such as these were enough for employers to find the best candidates. However, in today’s job market, job seekers around the world can instantly find and apply for jobs through the internet.Leverage HR Progression Partner’s experience and knowledge of the online opportunities for job ad placement. From social media to job boards, the list is long. Don’t navigate it alone. Save time and money by partnering with HR Progression Partner for an effective job ad placement strategy and execution.

  • Sourcing on various job boards & database 

    Job portals are not just a place where employers post their job vacancies. Candidates upload their resumes so recruiters can easily find them. A resume database works well for people who aren’t actively looking for a job but who are open to new opportunities.Talent recruitment specialists at HR Progression Partner combine job board sourcing with proper keyword and job description management to ensure only the best matched candidates reach their inbox.Every job board has a different niche based on location, industry, experience level, etc. Let HR Progression Partner strategically choose the right job board for your business and discover the candidate you want to hire!

  • Incoming applicant review and organization

    Our experts have fine-tuned a system for reviewing applications and resumes that enable us to find the best candidate for the role you would like to fill. Every member of our recruitment team understands the importance of each step of the process, from organizing and carefully reviewing incoming cover letters and resumes to providing you with the insight you’ll need to make a final decision.

  • Candidate prescreening

    HR Progression Partner uses telephone prescreening and objective prescreening—comparing the skills and responses of several candidates to determine the individuals who deserve an in-person interview—as early steps in the hiring process. Prescreening eliminates candidates who do not meet the job’s requirements, allowing us to spend more quality time on interviewing applicants with the best qualifications.

  • Interview coordination
  • Continued Candidate and Hiring Manager communication
  • Background check
  • Reference Check
  • Coordination of other assessments if necessary
  • Tracking and Hiring Manager Access through our Applicant Tracking System (ATS)